Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucas' 3rd Birthday Party!

{Better late than never, right?}

Saturday February 25th Lucas turned 3! We had his big birthday bash that day too! We had around 35-40 of our closest friends and family over for pizza and cupcakes! It was a very fun day for Lucas! I am so grateful that so many people love our little boy, he is truly blessed.

I didn't do much in the way of a theme this year (guess I never really do) I just wanted the house to be filled with lots of colors and balloons. I wanted everything to be what Lucas loves.

Candy buffet with all of Lucas' favorite candy!

Thank you to everyone who came to make Lucas special day so great! He loves having all his friends at his house and loves each and every one very much.

My sweet Lucas,
You are growing up so big right before our eyes I honestly don't know how you've grown so quickly. We love you so much and you bless us every single day.
Love Daddy and Momma

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