Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Friday we called and ordered our new bed!! It won't be here for 2 more weeks but I am happy that it is on it's way nonetheless. This is mine and Brent's first real bed together! ha! Our bedroom is usually the last one that gets any attention so I am happy to see it come together.

Friday evening we went over to my uncle's house for dinner with my mom, we had a lot of fun and got to catch up.

Saturday morning watching cartoons!

And Chloe too :)

Saturday we went and had lunch at Chick fil a and ran some errands, Lucas got to spend some of his Birthday money at Toys R Us and then we went to fly some kites at the park!

Lucas got a Cars kite for his birthday and Brent had one from a few years ago.

Luke's kite flew like a dream! It stayed up forever, can't say the same for Brent's it had a good run but the wind got to be too much for it.

Luke and Pawpa in their sunglasses.

Daddy and Lucas playing on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower to go to. After the shower we came home and settled in. Since it was just Luke and I for dinner we had a fridge clean out night and ate while we watched some of Luke's favorite shows. This kid loves Family Guy, I know it's not the most wholesome programming but I can't say no when he asks to watch Peter pronounced "Petta" So funny! Usually him and daddy watch all the Sunday night cartoons but I was all he had :)

We had a fun weekend now if this week will just go by fast so I can get on to the next one!

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Jessica S. said...

what a fun weekend!! so glad you got your pretty bed ordered! and love that ya'll flew kites!!! soo fun!! favorite picture=saturday morning cartoons =) too sweet.