Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts....

Ready for some total and complete randomness!

  • Am I the only crazy person that thinks when it's time to change something up IT is time, I was moving furniture around at 10:00 last night, my poor hubby!

  • I am loving Chick fil a these days, the food, the sweet tea, the atmosphere, the energy Luke burns while there! I want to go there!

  • I haven't been on FaceBook in many moons, and you know what I feel great about it! I haven't missed it one bit and I have really noticed I get way more done (see bullet #1) in the evenings since not constantly being on my phone.

  • I am thinking of doing something different with my hair, the color. I love the blonde but do not like the upkeep. I mean it's not a huge deal for most to go to the salon every couple of months but I just can't seem to find the time to go. I have to go sans Lucas and those times are few and far between SO I have been thinking of going back dark/darker I liked my hair dark and Brent loves it dark so we shall see..... I am so gosh darn torn.....

Maybe this? I love the rich tone and the up keep on this would be a piece of cake! I could do this myself!

And I love this too!

  • Trying to decide on a new bedroom lamp for our bedroom "spiff-ing up" project has been HARD! I thought I had decided on it but alas I think I want something different!

  • I am really hoping for a night out with Brent this weekend, He needs it Oh who and I kidding I need it! ha!

  • I am loving the time change although it does make it really hard for me to wind down in the evening (see bullet #1)

  • Lucas has become very attached to his Curious George stuffed animal, George has gone everywhere with us since Tuesday morning, school, out to dinner, etc. He has NEVER been attached to anything since his binki and he hasn't had that since he was a little over a year old! So I am hoping this will be his "comfort item" and he will be able to sleep in his bed all night!!

  • I was filling out paperwork for school yesterday and I was checking the box on what class Lucas will be in next year it hit me, we only have 2 years left then KINDERGARDEN!!! Blow. me. away!

  • That being said I really REALLY want to try and get us on a Disney cruise soon! I can't decide if the end of summer/early fall is best or next February when Luke turns 4 would be better.....

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Jessica S. said...

fun stuff! i like your blonde but i'm going to vote for the dark hair color! so fun!