Monday, March 5, 2012

I dance....

Yesterday was a hard day, I will tell you more on that at a later time.

I relieved the stress one of the best and only way I know how to really relieve stress. I dance.

Many, many people do not know this about me, in fact I believe Lucas may be the only one to know about my ritual. Ha!

But when I am down,sad,stressed I put on some tunes and let loose. I have no rhythm, or at least that's what my mom used to say when I was 13 and used to practice dancing backup for MTV, ha!

But really I can't dance, I don't "like" to dance. I will never dance at weddings or in the car, I don't dance with my husband on romantic nights. I dance to get it out. I guess I like the physical activity.

So last night Luke and I danced, we probably danced to 5 songs straight right there in his room. He loves it. He goes crazy too and almost always asks for more. It's our little "thing" I guess.

It may not be pretty and it sure isn't perfect but to me it is beautiful.

Some of our favorites right now:

Our God's Alive: Andy Cherry (Lucas gets his guitar out for this one)
The Way: Jeremy Camp
Glad You Came: The Wanted
Where I Belong: Building 429
Paradise: Coldplay

Surly I can't be the only Momma that does something like this? Am I? ha!

*can't believe I just hit publish on this post*

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