Friday, April 6, 2012

At a time when....

I think it is really starting to hit me that I am turning 25 this year! I am not a 'kid' anymore (not that I have been one in a while), I am someones wife forever, I am someones mom forever. I am a woman raising a family. I am blessed: yes but it is also so wild to think I am really living out my dream!

Some pictures to take a walk down memory lane.....

At a time when I only really 'loved' my best friends and my Chloe:

Brooke, Chloe and I. I was 19 or 20 in this picture. This was before I even knew Brent at my ol apartment.

At a time when Brent and I could go to weeknight basketball games in Fayetteville:

Brent and I at a Razorback game early in our 'dating'!

At a time when going to the bowling ally and not bowling was fun, just to be with friends after getting off work at 10 pm:

Jessica, Laura, and I. We are all 20 years old in this one!

At a time when Brent and I were so fresh yet so in love:

Brent and I's first Thanksgiving! Me-20 Brent- 27

At a time when staying up late at friends houses on New Years was easy:

New years Eve 2007

Brent, Me, Brooke, and Timmy.

Not the best picture quality I know but hey this was before iPhones and 'good' cameras :)

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Jessica S. said...

ha! love the old pictures of you guys so cute