Monday, April 30, 2012

What I'm Loving {weekend edition}

 I'm loving keeping my Thurday afternoon's wide open to spend time with friends!
Desiree and I went to the mall this week and Luke and I got daddy a cookie!

I'm loving getting all my summer clothes out! Brent and I went on a date on Friday night and I really liked my outfit so I had to share :)
Shorts from wal-mart
tank from target
shirt from old navy
I'm also loving learning how to dress for less! ha!

I'm loving this little guy and he's loving his new baseball shoes that daddy got him!

I'm loving my new bedside lamp from the good ol TJ Maxx, I seem to forget how much I LOVE that place, which may be a good thing!

I'm loving that Lucas can crawl up in a chair and fall asleep watching cartoons, so sweet!

I'm loving this sweet brown ball of fur, O my gosh! He has turned out to be the sweetest thing. His chewing has calmed way down and he's almost completly potty trained! He loves to cuddle with anyone human, dog or kitty and hasn't shown to be the least bit grumpy (Corben had a grumpy streak so we kinda thought it was a cocker thing but now I think maybe not?) He has his last puppy appointment today and I am kinda sad.

I'm loving that we finally got around to re-mulching (is that what it's called?) the flower bed! My hydrangea's are getting out of control and I am also loving that!

So tell me what are you loving these days?

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Jessica S. said...

i am loving this post! haha =) can't believeeeeee how big cooper is! oh my word! and i love your outfit and new lamp! =D so glad ya'll had a good date night!