Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Another Thursday is here! I seriously cannot believe that in a few days it will be MAY! Where is this year going!?
  • Another note: I turn 25 in a little over a month, I am completely weirded out about it. I'm not sad to be older but I am realizing that life is flying bye and I need to concentrate on what matters and what makes me happy, ya know?
  • Yesterday I ordered some books one being the controversial "Fifty Shades of Grey" I will most certainly let you know what I think about it ;)
  • Tuesday I had Luke's parent/teacher conference at school, I am amazed at what all my little guy has learned. I've said it before, I don't "work" with Luke at all at home sure we do puzzles and books sometimes but I can't take credit for "teaching" him anything. So I was completely floored that he knows his whole alphabet and numbers to 20 and call spell his name! I am so very proud of him! She also told me he is quite girl crazy! Good grief.
  • I am trying to drink more water! Not drinking water and nail biting are what I consider my absolute worst habits! But for the past few days I have been going to Sonic before work and getting a large ice water which is 32 ounces = 4 eight ounce glasses. I will drink that before lunch and then after lunch refill it so 64 ounces of water = 8 eight ounce glasses and all that before I am even home from work then at home I usually always drink crystal light so that's a lot of water intake for me! And for some reason having a straw with good "sonic" ice makes it almost easy to drink!
  • I am hoping and praying that Brent and I can sneak away on a date on Friday night, his work schedule has been so busy I feel like we haven't got to talk in weeks. We need some time to get away and "chat".ha!
  • A few friends and I are planning a weenie roast at my house next Friday night! I am so very excited to be getting together with them and their families it has been way to long!
  • I really kinda like the new layout for Blogger I didn't think I would because I usually hate change but I think it looks a whole lot better!
  • We don't really have any plans this weekend, weird. We need to work on the yard for sure and Brent might go to the track on Saturday night but I think I'll stay home. I should probably clean house and wash dogs one day. blah!
  • Yesterday we went to the park with friends, it was HOT! I am not ready for the summer heat and humidity!

  • This morning Lucas told me I looked like a princess, best. compliment. ever! My sweet little boy, I can already feel the ache in my heart when I think about these days being gone. 

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Jessica S. said...

=,,) that sweet boy.... i love what he said to you, sweetest thing ever.