Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoo Weekend!

Saturday Miranda, Ashley, and I loaded up the kiddo's for a 2 hour drive to the Tulsa zoo!
It was my first time having that many folks in the Tahoe and it went very well! I really am enjoying having a big car that tote lots of friends around.
We left Ft. Smith around 9 am so that put us at the zoo at 11. We stayed for 3 hours and had so much fun!
(notice the handholding)

We rode a camel! So neat the boys really liked it! I kinda liked it too! I'd never rode a camel before!

Lucas and Olivia on the train

Little love bugs on the train.

O my word, I am now convinced that Luke's teenage years will be, shall I say interesting! ha!  

After the zoo we went to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel then we went to the mall to the Disney Store! Lucas' favorite place on earth! ha! We left with way too many toys but mostly happy kids and headed home!

We got home around 7, it was a very fun day and I think Lucas had fun too ;)

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Jessica S. said...

SO FUN! and looks like you had GREAT weather!! so glad you all had a good time, and those pics of Lucas and O are the sweetest!!!! =)