Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Today is my sweet Chloe girls' 7th birthday! I cannot believe it has been 7 years since that dark ball of fur stole my heart.
She is the best dog and honestly probably my best friend, she has seen me though some hard times and all of my best times.

The story of Chloe:

7 years ago I was a senior in high school (whoa) I had been begging my mom for a "puppy of my own" we had our family dog Belle but I wanted a cute little white/blonde girly puppy that I could dress up and spoil. My mom on the other did not want one and she certainly did not want to buy me the breed that I had in mind, Yorkie or shitzu. So while all my other friends planned to spend their graduation money on trips or laptop computers I was getting a puppy!

Desiree of course knew of my desires and just so happened to see some puppies cross the road one night. She called me that night and told me she had found a puppy and wanted me to see it, she thought it was a boy, already a strike against it. I was thinking yea right I do not want some big ol mutt dog that eats everything and poops mounds but I went to see him anyway. She had left him in her car (with the windows down of course) at the daycare she was working at. I got there pretty early and went in to get her keys. I unlocked the door and looked and looked for this puppy. I didn't see it, again I was picturing a big lab or pit bull type puppy to run up and slobber on my face.
I checked under her front seat and there he was, a tiny terrified, brown puppy with floppy ears and curly pig like tail. It was love at first sight! I held him and talked to him and just knew he was mine. I put him in my car and ran in and told Desiree I was taking him.

We went straight to Petco and blew threw way to much of my graduation money, I got him collars, leashes, toys, a bed, a shirt and a bandanna, food, treats, and who knows what else! I immediately showed him off to all my friends and starting thinking of a name.
Auggie, Auggie the doggie is what I choose. I loved him and he was mine.

Within the next week Auggie had to visit the vet we went and I will never forget the vet telling me my Auggie was a girl! I wasn't sure what to think I'm sure I asked him if he was sure (as if he wouldn't know) because I had already bought everything he would ever need in blue! But sure enough he was a she, I remember asking the vet what kind of dog she was and he said "I don't know and it doesn't matter she is full of love and is a great dog" I often wonder if he might of known something about her bloodline but wanted me to hear those words instead.

So after a day or two of deliberation Auggie became Chloe.
Chloe went everywhere with me she was with me at my friends houses, she went to work with me, she went to the store with me and when I couldn't be with her I made sure my mom was spoiling her in my absence. Mom grew to love Chloe as her own and Chloe loves my mom second to me I am sure. And most people who know me, know Chloe.

Chloe has been through a lot with me, I won't go into details but she means so very much to me.
Of course I don't know an exact birthday for her but I counted back and chose April 10th to be her day.

These days Chloe does not get a whole lot of time with me, it breaks my heart when I think about it but I do try to make her feel like she is still the "special" one. She was my first baby and that is hard to change.

Happy Birthday Chloe and many many more!!

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Desiree said...

WOW has it really been that long??? Goodness!!!! Well Happy Birthday Chole Im glad I saw you that night!!! :)