Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap!

We started our weekend fun a little early! Always a good thing in my book :)

On Thursday we met Ashley and Ethan at the "little monkey house" is what Luke and I call it. It's in GW and it just a small bounce around place, they have 2 blowups and they are never busy so it's perfect for our boys.

We all four had a blast!! Ashely and I may have played harder than the boys! ha!

Lucas and I went down that slide every which way! He loved it and we've made plans to go back this week :)

Friday evening we went to Chick fil a and then to get food and supplies for our trip to the racetrack on Saturday.

Quick picture of my big boy! He has lost almost all his front puppy teeth! Yay! That means the chewing is slowly but surly coming to an end!

Saturday afternoon we packed up and head for the racetrack!

We had a lot of fun! Brent won his first round but didn't do too good after that, O well maybe next time!

We roasted marshmallows and made S'mores.
Brent hung around the campfire pretty late with some friends and Lucas stayed up really late too but not me I was in bed promptly at 10:30! ha!

We didn't get to race on Sunday because of rain so we packed up early and headed home, we spent the rest of the day recuperating.

Last night Lucas came into the bedroom and wanted to look at his Bible and talk about Jesus.
My heart melts when he talks about Jesus and I have faith that maybe I am doing ok in this mommy role.

How was your weekend?

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Jessica S. said...

SUCH cute pics. love them all. and cooper is getting SO BIG!