Friday, January 11, 2013

Cheat Eaters

Lucas is a funny kid. Way more funny than I ever was or will be and Brent says the same thing about himself. We aren't real sure where his personality came from. Ha!
If he knows you and is in a good mood he will get you laughing. His favorite things in the evenings is to try and make Brent and I laugh. And I love him for that. I hope he is always a jokester :)

Last night we were winding down, well I was winding down (trying) to watch tv in our bedroom and Brent and Luke were wrestling on the bed and Lucas starts taking about football. Which isn't out of the norm he loves football these days, he'll say "football player needs a snack" referring to himself or he'll try and get any one who walks though our door to play football with him.

Last night he started talking about the "cheat eaters" and I about lost it. He means cheer leaders! He told us "the cheat eaters are apose to eat cupcakes, thats what they do" I was cracking up. At one of the games we went to this season a mom brought the cheerleaders cupcakes for a snack and he sure hasn't forgotten that! Never mind all the jumping up and down and flips that they do they are just apose to eat cupcakes :)