Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We finally finished up Christmas for the year! We had a lot of fun with with everyone and Lucas got some amazing gifts! He is very blessed to have so many people who adore him :)

  • I got an amazing gift too! I've been wanting a Kuerig for a while but never wanted to buy one. I put it on my wish list and I got one! I am really loving it and my new little Razorback mug too! Now I don't have to stop at McDonalds for coffee every morning!

  • Ive been doing a little workout every morning this week and my goodness my tummy muscles are on fire! Hoping I can keep this up though!

  • My Tahoe is in the shop, it was making a noise in the back and found out it needed a new rear end! They are having to rebuild the whole thing! It's supposed to be done tomorrow so I'm really crossing my fingers for that but in the mean time they gave me this to drive. It's so funny driving a little car instead of my truck, its easy to park but I don't like it on the road I feel like everyone is going to run me over! ha!

  • Lucas helped daddy put his new train table together the other night!

  • All up and running!

  • Today our friends Carter and Liz are coming over to play, Lucas has really missed his school buddies since he's been out of school for the holidays!

  • Sweet Chip kitty, he is so skeptical about being in the house with Lucas and Cooper but it's been so cold lately I've been making him come in once in a while.

  • And Cooper is not being sweet these days! He is on a chewing spree! His latest was one of Brent's hats. Cooper has had to be inside so much lately with all the snow and rain I think he just has so much energy he is getting destructive, I will be so glad when its sunny and warm again so we can all go outside to play!

  • Saturday the boys are heading to the racetrack for the day and I will have a whole day to myself! As excited as I am to get somethings done it's such a huge sign that my baby is getting so big! I remember thinking I will be so glad when Lucas and Brent can go to the track on the weekend and I can go shop or get a pedicure and now here it is and it is truly bittersweet.

  • That's it folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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