Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap!

We had a fun fun weekend! Thank goodness I have been praying for some easy days without anxiety.

Friday night we were going to spend some much needed time as a family but Brent had an offer that he couldn't refuse ;) so Brent, Luke, Pawpa, and Tyler went to the new Go Kart track in town. I really didn't want to be out in the cold and such so I stayed home and gave the puppies a hair cut! haha what a funny Friday night but they needed them so bad and I got some quiet time doing a little mindless activity.
After they were done I rewarded myself with a cherry coke and cheddar bites from Sonic for dinner! Not bad :)

Saturday Brent had to be up early and go on a quick job so Luke and I stayed home and I did a ton of laundry. Fun fun. But that afternoon we had a birthday party for one of Luke's 'kids' from school.

I snapped some pictures of Lucas before the party to use for his bday party invite, that I need to order soon!

Snapped one for the outfit of the day :) I have no idea why sometimes I go through spurts of loving my clothes and other times I hate everything I have in my closet, is it hormones? ha!

I am also loving my hair right now (I know that is very vain ha!) the color, the length, and I love it straight, I don't think that will ever change. I mean I like some curls too but I always go back to straight. Brent likes the curls, of course :)

Some arm candy on Saturday. Loving loving loving having fingernails and feeling like I can wear bracelets. When I had ugly nails I wouldn't wear anything on or near my hands (except my wedding rings) because I didn't want to bring attention to them but 28 days without biting my nails and I am getting some long ones :)

After the party Saturday, Luke and I went to Wally World then came home.

That evening he got to spend the night with Pawpa and the gang so Brent and I had a hot date night at home!
He cooked steak, asparagus, and potato jackets, a recipe of Paula Deans.

The potatoes are so so good and getting to light them on fire is always fun too!

It was a so good, I even ate all my steak, which is unheard of! We just sat by the fire and got caught up on our shows from this past week, it was a good low key evening together after a long week. Perfect.

Sunday after going to get Luke and stopping for some brunch from Shipley's, I tried to get him down for a nap. It didn't happen but I loved that he climbed to the very top of my pillows and snuggled in.

Sunday evening we had my mother in law's birthday dinner. She had fun and loved all the kids being there. Lucas' face cracks me up in this picture! He made sure to help her blow her candle out :)

That was about it. I was not ready for Monday to begin but isn't that always how it goes :)

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