Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I tried to write this post yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures! I finally got them uploaded today but had to get creative so here is our weekend a little late!
  • Friday after work I went and got my hair done! I needed a color touch up and a trim, I had her put low lights in to try and ease myself back to my natural color.....I think ;) as much I love the blond it just isn't practical. I spend at least 3 hours at the salon when I go for a color and sometimes finding a sitter is just to hard. So I am a little darker now and I am really loving it! Still lots of blond but some brown too! My hair girl is just amazing, she is so fun and always knows exactly how I want my hair and does it. I just love her!

  • In other hair related news I am strongly considering bangs.....I didn't do them Friday because I have an event this Sunday and if I didn't like them I was scared they would mess up my day so maybe if I get the courage, sometime next week if Melinda can squeeze me in I'll go for it! I mean what's the worst that can happen :)

  • Luke got a train table for Christmas from my Grandma, Mema C. We have NO place to put a train table but it is just the cutest thing, all wood and I love it so. Lucas has really played with it so I decided to take the coffee table out of the our living room (our only family space) and put the train table in it's spot. It hasn't bothered me yet I mean it wont be forever that I can get away with having a train table for everyone to trip over ;)

  • Whenever I sit on the couch this little guy runs and sits as close as he can against me, he will lay there forever I think he is just so sweet sometimes :)
His eye looks kinda scary in this picture but it was just from the flash.

  • Lucas got some gift cards to RedLobster for Christmas, because it's his very most favorite place to eat, so we went on Saturday night! We had fun and I had to take a picture of all the shrimps he ate!

  • Sunday the boys went to the racetrack and I had a glorious day all to myself! It was so nice and I love that Brent wants to take Luke with him and of course Lucas love anything to do with cars and racing and being with big boys :)

Brent in his car.

Lucas in daddy's car.

  • Once the boys got home Sunday we just hung around the house, I made dinner and just relaxed. Lucas had his first day back at school Monday!

Playing games on daddy's phone.

Lucas and his play dough :)

That's about it. We have a very busy weekend coming up, 2 birthday parties, I have something supper special to do on Sunday and I am hoping to squeeze in a movie date too!


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