Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • I can't believe it's already Thursday! I am glad nonetheless. ha! Not a lot going on this week and most of my pictures are from the weekend.

  •  We had Waylon's Birthday Party at Chucky Cheese on Saturday,Lucas had a blast! He loves all the games and loves dancing with Chucky! We went to eat at BurgerKing before we went because he will not eat the pizza there!

  • Sunday I had the whole afternoon to myself and boy was it nice! I didn't do anything exciting, went grocery shopping, cleaned house a little, and re-decorated my 'uppers'. I hadn't had anything up there much,besides some garland at Christmas, since we have redone the cabinets and counter tops. Love my word blocks and love the reminder I see every day :)

  • Monday I was off work for MLK day so Luke and I went to get his hair cut and to play with some friends. It was a fun day! He loves getting his hair cut, he never cries and just sits there looking at himself in the mirror. heh

  • Brent has been out of town some this week so it's been just Luke and I some nights, so that means easy, I'm not cooking,dinners so Lucas had dino nuggets and sweet potato fries and I had a burrito one of the nights :)

  • I have to say I have some very good friends around me. They lift me up when I need it and are always there if I need them. I've got to spend time with 3 of my favorite ladies this week and it sure does soothe the soul :)

  • Had my work review last week and I got a raise! WhooHoo! I've really put my job on the back burner these past 6 months and wasn't sure I would get one so I was thrilled about that!

  •  I think that's about it. We have another birthday party on Saturday this weekend.We can't wait for that! Hoping Brent gets a few days to spend with us too!

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