Friday, January 18, 2013


Lately Brent and I have felt a little smothered by our house. We are out growing it at a rapid pace and we know it will only get worse over the next few years.

We've made many improvements over the last 4 years we've been here but it still needs work, expensive work. Right now we are saving and planning new flooring. It's going to take all of our savings, all of our tax refund and then some to put wood floors in our kitchen, living room, and hallway.  That truly makes my stomach turn, but wood floors will be awesome for us and a major selling point when we do decide we need to move on so that helps with the cost I guess. 

Brent has said a lot lately he wants a basement or den with his t.v. and all his racing stuff, pool table, and lots of other man goodies. I hope one day he gets that.
This was never our forever home, we knew that. There's no way a family of 6 plus dogs and cats could live here without killing each other! ha!
But at one point it was our dream home. We loved this house the moment we saw it, it was perfect for us, a family of 2 with one on the way. I had so many dreams of bringing our new baby home and him swinging in his swing in the living room, giving him baths and playing in his room, putting him in his stroller and taking walks in the neighborhood. I truly felt like it was a dream when we bought this house. I now have new dreams for our home but sometimes I find myself dreaming of our next house.
Who knows what the future holds, who knows if we'll be able to sell and move on when we want I think it's ok to plan but that doesn't mean it will happen in your time.

Today I want to appreciate the home I have. The home I love. The only home Luke knows. We bought this house for him and because of him. We knew this house would help create a wonderful childhood for him and I am so so very thankful for it. We live in perfect little neighborhood with an elementary school at the end of the main street. Lots of kids around and lots of places to explore. I can't wait to walk him to school in the mornings and wait for him in the afternoons. Having friends over and riding bikes.

I have really come along way in decorating our home, it used to scare me to decorate such a big space, ha! Now I'm less scared and know my style more, it looks completely different from when we first moved in and I see that as a wonderful thing! This house is us, truly us.

We had no help financially in the buying process, Brent did it all. He worked hard and saved for the closing costs and such, worked with the bank and did all the paperwork. I had no idea at the time of how great that was but I understand now, I won't be able to get off that easy next time! ha!

Our house maybe small, cluttered, dirty, loud, and boring. But she is ours and if my dreams do come true we really will be stacked on top of each other, a family of six, two dogs, and a cat and it won't matter what house we are in :)

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Your house is precious!