Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know I've already had one picture of my brown dog on here this week but I cannot resist!

When I got Cooper I kind of did it on a whim. It was this time last year and I wanted Luke to have 'his' very own dog. So I thought what better valentines gift to both of my boys than a dog that 'they' could take care of. Gosh who was I kidding!! I won't ever do that again! ha!

Lucas was still so little he had no understanding of dog care, obviously and Brent was not very happy that I surprised him with a living thing that we had not discussed so after all was said and done,
I had got myself another dog.

Of course both of them loved Cooper, he was so sweet and little, calm and sleepy. But fast forward a few weeks and he was a biting, pooping, chewing machine. I had conveniently forgotten this part of puppyhood. There were so many days I almost gave up, found him another home but I just kept plugging along.

And I am sure glad I kept him in our little family. He has become such a good dog, besides the once in while chewing, he is just the sweetest thing. He loves Lucas to pieces, is always up for snuggling, and is a very fast learner.

I have become very fond of our chocolate baby and I hope he is with us for many many years :)

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