Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday Tidbits {On a Friday}

  • We had a snow day at home yesterday so I didn't get around to posting but still have a lot going on so wanted to do a post :)
  • Tomorrow is Luke's big day! His party. His actual birthday is Monday so we will have a whole weekend of celebrations!
  • I am trying SO very hard not to be sad about him turning 4. FOUR! Can you believe it? I seriously cannot wrap my mind around that. Ugh!
  • Luke has really got in to drawing this past month so I made him a little caddy for all his 'art' supplies and it can stay on our coffee table. I thought it was pretty cute!

  • Brent was out of town a lot this week and with the snow we've had a ton of time at home which hasn't been all bad.

Coloring in jammies.

  • Got this sweet picture of Cooper the other day. Love him to pieces.

  • Snow Day! Wednesday I got the call around noon that school was closing because of the weather, that was fine by me! I went to get Luke and he immediately wanted to go out and play in it. He stayed outside or a really long time. I watched most of the time threw the door.


Eating the snow!

Love our house covered in snow and this cold weather makes me so grateful for a warm home.

  • Since we were home early Wednesday with no place to go I started on Luke's party decor. Those are dinos and that is red not pink! :)
  • School was closed again on Thursday so we stayed in our jammies all morning then ventured out in the afternoon to get all the final goodies for the party!

Drawing in our jammies

Picture of me! This makes me laugh so hard but also makes me so proud!

  • Yesterday Lucas demanded I take his picture with Cooper! Cooper looks very unsure of the whole situation. ha!

  • AND yesterday Lucas go his hair cut! We've wanted to for a few weeks now since the last lady we went to gave him a bob. So yesterday when daddy got home we went and did it! He looks so handsome. But I'm already longing for it to grow out again.

  • I am going today to sign him up for tball this summer! I never thought I'd be one to put my 4 year old in organized activities but I just can't help myself. I think it will be so much fun for all of us :)

  • Tonight on the agenda is going to eat at Las Americas (have y'all ever ate there, delicious!) then maybe take Lucas to do something fun! Eeek what a fun weekend we have in store!

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