Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend. I am truly so happy these days. I know that sound very cliche but it's never been more true. God has really shown me how good I have it these last few weeks and I feel like that has helped me get over the last little slump I have been in. I could go on and on but I won't. My words and actions will speak for themselves :) I have so much hope for the future and I am even starting to feel some excitement about it.    

My sweet puppies. I've been letting Cooper come get on the bed with me in the evenings while I watch t.v., Brent does not know about this! ha!

Thursday I put some oranges and vinegar in a jar to make my own orange cleaner, I just thought it was pretty.

Lucas loves taking pictures of me, he is so funny!

I know the glare is bad but I got a poster print for this old frame my mom had. I just love the poster option at walmart. I can get big prints for nothing and they look great! So this pretty 11x14 picture cost be $5 because the frame was free! I thought about painting the frame but I love it as it is with that picture.

Friday night we stayed home and I cooked dinner, which I'm not sure has ever happened. ha! We had a very low key night just hangin out.

Saturday Luke and I went to lunch and hobby lobby with mom. Lucas thinks hobby lobby is a cool place, he comes up with the funniest stuff with all that he finds there. We will have to go more often.

A canvas I found at hob lob. I just fell in love with it. Love what it says, love the color and love the little birdys.

Brent spent Saturday at the shop with car stuff to do.
I cooked dinner again Saturday night, I have no idea what is wrong with me but I have cooked every single night for over a week! ha!

We didn't do much after that just watched some shows and Lucas fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to head north for the day! First stop was Cracker Barrel for breakfast! It was good. Lucas loved the bacon.

After breakfast we went to look at a hood that Brent wanted to buy for the Challenger. He says it was perfect so we loaded it up! It will have a shaker hood if that means anything to you ;) I love him and his car obsession so!  

After that we headed to devils den for a bit to play, explore, and take a few pictures.

  I love, love this one and wish I knew something about photoshop so I could get the shadows off our  faces but atlas I don't. Maybe that is worth some research. This one would be perfect above the fireplace.

                Of course I love this one too! He is so perfect to me. This one needs a frame for sure!

Walking though the woods. Lucas kept saying we were in the jungle! ha!
Next time I want to go in our hiking shoes with a picnic lunch and really get lost on a trail. That would be so fun!

My sweet boys who make my life complete!

Last night we had some family over for the super bowl and this is the only picture I took! Clearly you can tell my mind was not on football! ha!

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