Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Happy Valentines day! I am beyond excited about my gift to Brent this year! I got Luke lots of little goodies as well. But the bad news is we are home sick, Luke is missing his party at school and I am missing my flowers Brent sent to work, I'm pretty bummed but that's ok I am just thankful it seems to only be a tummy bug that Luke has and hopefully by the weekend he will be good to go!
  • I finally got my appointment for my wisdom teeth surgery, I am so scared but at the same time so ready for this to be behind me.
  • Yesterday we had some friends over for a playdate. Love getting to catch up with friends while the kids burn some energy.

  • Bought myself a treat the other day, it's not bad at all but certainly not ice cream. ha!

  • These two together has just been precious lately. They are really becoming best buds. I think Cooper is starting to realize who's dog he is. Lucas' chore everyday is to feed the dogs and I think that has really helped strengthen the bond and has taught Luke about caring for animals. I do have to remind him most of the time but that is ok, we are still learning.

  • It was a crafty weekend at our house, I went to HobLob on Saturday for scrapbook paper to make banners for Luke's party and came home with much more. That place is dangerous when I'm in a crafting mood!

Spray painted these.

Made Luke a sunglasses shirt, it's to cute on him I will have to get a picture!
I'm not one to make clothes for kids but I just couldn't pass this up, I already had the grey shirt so I came home and ironed it on. It took me all of 2 minutes I couldn't believe it. This could be addicting.....

And I found this frame and I fell in love with it and knew exactly which picture I would put in it. My most favorite baby picture of Lucas, looking at this gives me the biggest spell of baby fever ever. Gah! I want 10 more just like him!

  • I wasn't the only one crafting away, Brent made Luke this DVD shelf for his room, he is to good! He has needed a shelf to store his piggy bank collection for a while now and this serves both purposes. Perfect! I sure do love a man who can build things :)

  • Picture we took Monday morning, poor kid he really doesn't like mornings,  just like his daddy.

  • And in other big news we finally decided on a tile for the entry ways! I am so glad to have this done! Brent picked it out all by himself and brought it home to show me. He did good I love it so much, so now that we have this picked we will start doing the tile this week/weekend and then start the wood after that! We might have all new flooring in the main parts of the house by March!! I could not be more excited about that! I am most excited to go rug shopping! ha! I want something fluffy and that's all I know!  

  • I'm excited to celebrate tonight at home with a steak dinner, we considered going out to eat but thought it would be way to busy, of  course now that Luke is sick I am glad we already had that planned.  Happy Valentines Day!!

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