Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Thursday already! Ack! This teeth removal surgery is coming real quick! I am just praying all goes well without any complications. "Aint nobody got time for that!"

  • I just have to say God bless my husband. Oh my word he has put up with so much from me these past 6 months and then Saturday after the party I think I completely lost it. So many emotions and he got the back end of everything, I feel terrible about the way I acted but he didn't kick me out, he just loved me through it and that is what true love is my friends. When you are at an all time low and they can keep you moving, that to me is a great treasure. Brent and I can get very shall I say passionate, for lack of a better word,  when we argue but at the end we always love each other, something I was never taught growing up so sometimes I can act VERY immature and that is not good but by the grace of God we have worked though our battles and came out better for them.

  • I popped this bad boy open at about 9am Sunday morning, that birthday party wore me smooth out. I was glad to have a left over Coke in the fridge and the straw just makes it cute :)

  • Today Desiree and I are having a girls evening :) pedicures and coffee are on the agenda and I cannot wait! We have been best friends for fourteen years but we have known each other and been friends for twenty! This girl has seen me through everything, we used to be as different as night and day but I think as we are becoming older I can see our tastes in things becoming similar. I know we will most likely be friends til the end :)

  • I know I'm always putting pictures of my dogs on here but we have a cat too! Chip or as Luke calls him Chipper. He is sweet but also a good hunter and catches mice and snakes around our yard I love him for that. He looked so funny sitting in this basket I had to snap a picture!

  • I love taking pictures of pretty things around the house. I have no idea why? This seemed like a perfect shot! That might be kinda pretty in a print to frame too humm........

  • I've been doing a lot of shopping lately trying to get the weather to change! ha! Shopping for me goes in spurts one month I will see and buy a ton of new clothes then for months and months I won't buy a thing..... Found some cute stuff at Target recently this shirt and a pair of mint skinnies that I can't wait to wear (not together!). The dots on the shirt are navy.

  • We finished off the last of the birthday cup cakes last night! Now just have to get rid of the cookie cake. Good Grief!

  • I love love love wearing Brent's work socks around the house, they are the warmest things I find that aren't boots.

  • Thinking of darkening up my hair some more, I was looking though some old pictures and I loved my dark hair but still not sure I'm ready to say bye to the blond. Decisions decisions.

  • The other day Brent bought the Hunter Hayes album for me then used one of the sweet songs for his ring tone all without me knowing. I thought that was pretty sweet :))

  • I've had my DSLR camera for well over a year but I'm really starting to play with it more. I would love nothing more than to be able to take good pictures of my kids so I'm kinda hoping to squeeze a photography class in at Bedford this summer! How fun would that be!

  • We don't have much going on this weekend. Brent's going to spend most of it working on his car, I've gotta go find a new vacuum and hoping Sunday is nice for some pictures of Luke.
Also please say a little prayer for my little nephew Waylon, he is having surgery at Children's in Little Rock tomorrow and of course we are just worried sick. Praying for a successful surgery and easy recovery.

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