Friday, March 1, 2013

Warm Weather Busy!

I am thankful of the promise of sunshine and warmth that will soon be here! I can't wait to get our spring/summer in full swing so I thought I would jot down our plans for this years sweet summer time!

  • Sunday I am going to try and get some good 4 year old pictures of Luke.
  • Beginning of March I will start a Bible study over Unglued. I am so excited for this and can't wait til Monday!
  • March 8th I have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I am not looking forward to this but will be so glad to get it over with.
  • Middle of March Brent and I are taking a little weekend getaway to Hot Springs. I can't wait to spend some quality time with him and see a town I've never explored before!
  • April means the start of Tball! Can't wait to see this :)
  • Middle of April we are going to Texas to the beach and to see a NHRA drag race. Eeeek so excited to see how Luke likes all the loud cars and of course I am most looking forward to some beach time and some Ikea time :))
  • Desiree and I are hoping for a girls trip sometime in May or June! That will be so fun!
  • Late June/ Early July swim lessons start!
  • August is our Branson trip!
Brent is also working really hard to get his Challenger built in time to take to Branson.
Also we are planning on new flooring going in sometime soon!

All of that plus birthday parties, trips to the pool with friends, maybe a trip to the zoo, parks dates, movie dates, and who knows what else :))

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