Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Happy Things!

 I can't believe it's Wednesday and I am just now able to post this week. Where in the world have I been lately? I'll tell ya where workin like a slave! We are trying so hard to get the house ready for our new flooring, it's been a lot of work!
On to my five things :)

  1. Life is SO good right now. We have a lot going on but it is just truly the best. And the warm weather is just the cherry on top!
  2. Brent and I are taking a night off from the house work and going to see the new Oz movie on Friday! I am so excited and ready! Love him and love going to the movies :)
  3. My pups are going to the groomers on Saturday! They are some dirty, hairy beasts right now. Chloe is so excited she loves the way she feels after a trip to the doggy salon.
  4. Lucas has been staying at Mema's house this week because of school being on spring break. I love it because on my lunch break I get to go by and see them!
  5. Our Tahoe is 100% ours! We paid it off! What an absolute amazing feeling! We are blessed.

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