Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Fun!

We had a fun weekend. Brent worked on the Challenger all weekend so Luke and I had to entertain ourselves. ha!

Saturday we all got up early and went to eat breakfast at the Egg and I, I'd never been but I wasn't impressed from now on we'll stick with the waffle house.
Then Luke and I were off to the Monkey House! He was so good last week with sleeping in his own bed all night we went for a treat. It was fun, he loves those places and always gets me to go down the slides which I do love!
After that we went to try and find a vacuum no luck but we did get to look at some pets at PetSmart.
Then we went to Aldi to stock up on canned stuff.

my loot

After a quick trip to Sonic (of course) we headed home.
I cleaned/cleared out the spare room which is a forever mess and did a few things around the house.

Saturday night Luke went to Pawpas and Brent and I got to go eat at Las Americas and go see a movie. We saw Dark Skies and it was pretty scary. It ended awful though!

Cherry Coke! The best!

Sunday we didn't to a whole lot, I caught up on laundry while Luke watched cartoons and played. Luke and I went to Wally World then to Sonic (I think I have a serious sonic addiction) and came back home for a little bit.

cartoons in jammies

That afternoon we went to see Waylon. He is doing so well. You would never know he had just had surgery on Friday. It's truly amazing. God is so good!

Since we got home so late we just went to Geno's for dinner.
my sweet boys

It was a good weekend. I am blessed :)

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