Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Whew! What a week! I've been busy and missing Brent so bad. I am so glad he comes home tonight! Like for real.

  • I am getting to start my weekend early with a fun dinner tonight with one of my favorites girls! So excited for that!

  • Last night after I was done painting Luke and I had a fun little movie night! We ate junk food in bed and watched Rise of the Guardians. It was good and he just loves watching movies. He will watch the whole thing and not make a peep. So funny!

  • I have been painting, painting, painting this week. I am sick of it but so happy it's getting done! We are thisclose to having our house DONE! I am so so so happy about that!! I painted below the chair rail this color in our little dining nook and it looks great if I do say so myself! I also painted the entire laundry room myself on Tuesday night including puddy-ing the walls, sanding and painting the cabinet casings, and standing on a ladder to paint the top of the room. All while making sure my child was fed, bathed, and happy. It. was. hard. but I am so proud! Oh and I even did some grouting on Monday night! Hey if your not gonna brag on yourself who is? ha!

  • This weekend we still have a lot to do. I'm going to paint the back door and Brent needs to get the laundry cab doors sprayed and put back up. We are kinda thinking of tiling the front bathroom floor while we are knee deep in this mess and we need to spray the roof because it seems we have a mildew problem up there AND we have to move every single thing out of the main part of the house (think living room and kitchen including appliances) for the wood floors to be installed. I know I think we are nuts too. I am just thankful we are both willing and able.....

  • I got to wear a spring-y outfit this week! Yay! But the rest of the week has been chilly and now today it's supposed to rain. boo

  • Brent bought a new racing trailer. It's a little bigger than our last one (which is for sale if you need one!) but much nicer, supposedly. I don't get to caught up in this sort of stuff. ha! It's in Texas and what this means to me is when we go get it an Ikea pit stop is in order! SO fun!

  • Speaking of road trips we canceled our weekend to Hot Springs that was coming up because I am a ding dong and booked it for Easter weekend! Ugh! Pretty bummed about that one but what can ya do!?

  • Lets see lets see what else is going on......thinking of going ahead and dying my hair this weekend. I am still so torn (story of my life) but these roots are driving me batty and I need to just make up my mind and do it!

I guess that's all I can think of my mind is now consumed with curtains and rugs! Eeeek so exciting! Hope your week has been much more restful than mine :)

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