Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Weekend!

Y'all getting your wisdom teeth removed is no fun! Do not let anyone tell you it will be a breeze and you will be able to got back to work in a few days. Not true.
But I'm sure most of you know this because you were smart and got them out as teenagers. Before you had kids and a husband and a house. Lesson learned.

I tried to explain to Lucas on Thursday that mommy was going to the doctor and wouldn't feel good for a little while and that daddy was going to take care of him. He wanted to know if I was going to have to get shots and I told him yes but I wasn't scared and then he asked what the doctor was going to do to me I told him he was going to take some of my teethies (teeth) out. He got kinda upset and said 'but I like your teethies.'  

My appointment was at 10:30 Friday morning. We got there a little early and sat and waited, I anxiously, Brent casually.

They called me back and I remember sitting in the chair and the doctor was talking to me about Lucas (great ploy Mr. I never saw the medicine coming) next thing I remember saying was wow I feel a little woozie and that was it.
Next thing I knew it was done. I woke up feeling very strange and Brent said I told him "I see two of you" and when he asked me how it was I said "not bad" and the next thing I knew they made me get up and head out. I threw up on the way out the door and once again on the car ride home. It was horrible. But I didn't really care, Brent got the short end of that stick! ha!
(My sweet husband had a blast taking pictures of me while I was feeling real good! I had to include it because I really can't stop laughing at it!)
(and I have no idea where that blanket came from I remember nothing about it ha!)

Once home I thought I would sleep, at least that's what everyone said I would do. Well lucky me I was wide awake, I took a half of a pain pill they gave me and threw that and my antibiotic up so I just sat and tried to be happy I was getting to watch daytime t.v.

Held these peas to my face all. day. long.

And tried to suffice my hunger with chocolate milk and ibuprofen. It doesn't work.
Since I was doing so well Brent decided to head to the bank to figure out the refinancing process on our house (he doesn't get weekdays off from work to often so we had to take full advantage) and pick up Luke from school.

I had a nice flower delivery lady drop these by, I answered the door and she acted like I was some sort of monster and left real quick, I was kinda disappointed because I would've loved to share my day with her, I was feeling pretty chatty.

Desiree sent me these and they seriously made my day. They are still so pretty and I just love them!

That night mom came over to check on me and they all watched Wreck it Ralph while I tried to sleep or something in the other room. I don't remember sleeping but I don't remember being awake either. So weird!

Saturday I woke up feeling ok I guess. I don't remember much of that day either.
I made myself a smoothie and did some things around the house (what is wrong with me?) I was sad because they didn't have a teen mom or kardashian marathon on t.v.
Brent tried to feed me cheese pizza telling me I only had to be on soft food for 4 hours after surgery.
I ate a good portion of it and then checked my instruction booklet and it indeed says 4 DAYS for soft food! He is a fantastic nurse and is up for hire.

We had a cookout to attend that night and I sure wasn't going to miss that so we went.
I brought my own sack dinner of mashed potatoes but once I got there could not resist the call of a cheese burger. I tried to eat one and it didn't end up well. So I opted for chocolate cake instead. Sort of the same.

When we got home Saturday night I did a little online Thirty One shopping and that made me feel lots better ;)

Sunday I vowed to stay in bed all day. And I did for the most part.
That's where these pictures come in. I get board very easily.

That night we had dinner with family planned to celebrate (not my teeth something else). We went to Fridays and that was hard for me. I got soup and mashed potatoes and was sad I couldn't eat a donut stick aka their bread.

 Ready to go eat with puffy cheeks!

I had all intentions of going to work on Monday but once I got up and tried to get around it just wasn't happening so I took the day off. Put lots of heat compresses on my cheeks and stayed in the recliner. I did venture out for a banana shake when I went to pick Luke up but came back home and fell asleep on the couch until dinner time.
I was able to eat a real meal last night and that felt so good and I felt good enough to go to bible study too.

Today I am back at work I can eat some things but not others. I am still puffy and taking ibuprofen and tylenol. I am VERY thrilled to be able to drink pop again. My word I was about to die! I think it is safe to say I am on the mend and looking forward to a fun weekend eating all kinds of yummy stuff!

I am SO glad this is behind me you have no idea and I am glad I survived with little pain.
Thank you for the prayers that means a lot to me :)

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