Monday, February 18, 2013

What's been a happin! {picture overload!}

I've taken a ton of pictures the last few days! I absolutely LOVE my iPhone because it's always there to capture little things that go on that I never have my camera ready for! So anywho here is a picture over load from our sick days and the weekend :)

Wednesday on the way to school! George had to go with us, I love that Lucas loves that monkey so much :)

Thursday, Vday, Luke was so sick. It was just awful. He threw up 5 times that morning. I guess it was just a bug or maybe he just ate something he didn't like, I'm not sure because he never ran fever and by about 4 o'clock he was almost back to himself!
So sad but I was so proud that he made it to the potty every time! He's never thrown up in the toilet so that was kind of a right of passage! ha!

New kitchen! Our new hardwood floors should go in soon! I am so SO very excited and can't wait to have it all done!

Old kitchen! I think we've come along way! I had these in my phone because a friend on fb was wanting to see what our old kitchen looked like.

Sweet boy the day after being sick! He is loving his razorback hat right now for some reason :) I just love him in hats but he's never worn them, so happy I got these pictures!

Been doing some decorating......

Found this Hog bunting this weekend, perfect for Luke's room!

New pillows I am in love with! Slowly changing up the the living room. Took out all the green and pinky floral and now putting in some blue. I think the blue and white will look gorgeous with the new wood flooring.

Finally got something on this wall in the bedroom! Just two big frames, I've had these frames longer than I've had Brent. I bought them when I worked at Trevor's. I took the pictures that were in them out and this is the look I was going for. Love the simplicity and the lightness of it. Brent hung them yesterday and I love them :)

Slowly getting all of Luke's Bday party stuff together! I thought a picture of him last year at his party would be cute table decor!

I took these Wednesday night before the bug hit! Lucas is most defiantly a momma's boy. I never would have thought that 3 years ago, as a baby he was all about daddy. I am sure enjoying it though!

Some Vday gifts for Luke. Do you get your kids gifts on Valentines day? My mom always had a special little bag or something made up for us growing up I kinda thought everyone got something but I suppose not? I just think its fun and Lucas loved the balloons.

My sweet husband sent me these to work on Thursday then had to go pick them up because I was at home with Lucas. I love that no matter the holiday if he gets me flowers he always includes gerbera daisys, my favorite and our wedding flower. He is so good :)

This was in Luke's Valentine bag from his class party. Such a cute valentine. I just loved it.

Friday we headed to the park for little bit. Luke and George going down the slide.

Posing on the picture rock! ha!

Yesterday we went on a walk/ride down to the school at the end of our neighborhood. It was such a nice day yesterday I am really really hoping that it will be like that on Saturday for the party!

That's all the pictures I have. I can't believe this is my last week of having a 3 year old. O my gosh I am trying not to be sad and I want to make sure to do lots of fun things for his birthday but this is really depressing. My baby is not much of a baby anymore and that is getting hard to deal with :(

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