Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • I can't believe it's already Feb 7th! Seven more days til Valentines day and not much more than that until Luke's birthday! Craziness!

  • Teen Mom2. Is anyone watching this train wreck besides me? lol Goodness these girls I just can't put into words how dumb foolish some of them are. I was reading though a message board this week (yea I know how awful that sounds;) and was cracking up at other people's thoughts on their actions. Now I want to watch the show just so I can go see what comedic commentary others have! Its a sickness and a guilty pleasure. ha!

  • And now I am wondering what in the world is wrong with me that I have divulged that I like to watch TeenMom and the Kardashians. I need a hobby for real!
Ok and moving on to some pictures from the week...

  • I am really liking this guy, his song Box of Stones is really good. It kinda has a folk-y sound.

  • I found this little masterpiece in my journal that I keep by my bed. I don't know what it is but I sure do love it :)

  • Another sweet thing from my precious little. He picked these 'flowers' for me on the playground at school. He kept them all wadded up in his little hand until he could give them to me. Just the sweetest thing in the world. I cannot even begin to imagine life without his little soul.

  • I went and got a manicure on lunch break one day this week. As you can see this is one resolution I have been good about! I am loving having pretty hands for once.

  • I know everyone is sick of seeing these too, but I can't help but take their pictures. Actually Brent took this one and I thought it was pretty cute of the two of them snuggled up together. These two really have made some of my hard days better, I know they are 'just dogs' but to me they are just like more babies.

  • And as you can see another one of my resolutions has completely gone out the window. Eating better still hasn't been enforced.....

  • I am working on a baby bucket list and it's been very fun! I really like setting goals for myself, even I don't end up reaching them all it's fun to ponder.

  • I have a dentist appointment today, just a cleaning and then tomorrow I meet with the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth. Needless to say my anxiety is though the roof!

  • Got Luke's invites in yesterday! I love them and can't wait for his party!
That's about it! We don't have much going on this weekend, dinner with some family and starting to gather things for the party!

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