Friday, February 1, 2013

On being a single parent....

I know I'm not really a single parent, thank goodness, but I do parent solo at least one day a week when Brent's job is in a busy spell so I thought I'd share a particular day in a day where Brent isn't around to help. Mainly for remembrance sake but also so others can see how it is. I've been asked countless times 'how do you do it' so here is a regular ol day with just me and Luke.

It honestly doesn't bother me if Brent is away for one or two nights at a time. I've always been very independent even from when I was a baby so seeing someone every single day has never been something I needed, except Luke of course. Now I will say when he is gone on a weekend day it is harder for me, I really feel like that is family time and it's hard to go do something fun without him.

Brent left the house around 5 am on Monday morning so that is where I will start our day. He usually does leave before either Lucas or I are up so that's not really to different.

Monday morning I get up get ready for work, make mine and Luke's lunches, pick out his clothes, take care of the dogs, get him up, fed, and dressed and try to be in the car leaving the drive way by 7:30 am.
It never happens ;) but if we are leaving at 7:45 that is good enough. 

I take Luke to school and I head to work.

I get off work at 3:30 pm.
After work I make a quick (ha!) stop at Target then I pick Luke up from school. 
I stop for gas on the way home. 
By this time it is 4:45 pm 

We get home a little before 5.
I let the dogs outside and start the oven for our pizza. I always do very simple kid friendly dinner when Brent isn't home. I like to dirty as few dishes as possible and keep things easy. I also have figured out the trick that if we eat dinner early Luke eats everything on his plate and it makes everything else start early. Meaning I will get some time alone later if I play my cards right! ha!

After dinner is served and eaten. We head for bathtime. It's nearly 6:00 pm now and I let Lucas play in the tub as long as he wants. I do some quick chores around the bathroom like laundry or cleaning the bathroom a little.

After bath we brush teeth and I get his jammies on him. Lucas gets to play while I clean the kitchen up from dinner and get my jammies on. We usually get the dogs in and get everyone kinda settled down.

Lucas asks to watch a movie in my room. I let him. While he is doing that Brent calls and we facetime with him for a while it's hilarious to watch Lucas talk and show Brent things around the house. Sometimes Lucas will play with a toy or ask to see what Brent's 'house' (hotel room) looks like.

Buy this time it is 8:30 pm and Lucas gets his last snack of the night and a drink. I get him snuggled in my bed and he usually falls asleep around 9:30.

I usually have at least 1 show to get caught up on and watch that. Then I put Cooper in his crate and me and Chloe go to bed too.

The next morning I do our normal morning routine again. And if Brent is gone another night I do basically the same thing as before. Sometimes I will call a friend and see if they are up for playing or sometimes Luke and I will go see a movie (esp if it's a Friday night) or see if my mom wants to go out for dinner or something.
I feel very blessed to have people around that can help and take my mind off of Brent not being there for a bit. I truly think it is much harder on Brent to be away from us than it is for us. I know he misses Lucas so much when he can't be with him.

I usually feel I am to busy to dwell on the fact that Brent isn't home I try to keep Lucas in his routine as much as possible and that is hard work without 2 extra hands!
So there you have it.

With the day's that Brent isn't home with us I now realize how lucky I am to have him home when he is!  

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