Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday weekend in Pictures

I didn't take really any pictures on Thanksgiving we were so busy I just never thought about it. I hate that.

But we did have a really good one! We had Thanksgiving lunch with Brent's side of the fam and then came home and made up dinner for my side. It was a lot of work but so much fun. I love having people over, hanging out and eating.

Friday after Thanksgiving I had to work but the boys stayed home and napped and watched football. That night Luke went to Pawpas and Brent and I got a little Christmas shopping date night! We went to eat then to a few stores before heading to pick Luke up. When we got there they were watching old home movies of Brent and his sister at Christmas, it was so cool to watch I could've stayed all night. Lucas was not ready to come home and cried and begged to stay the night. So we let him :)
Saturday we stayed around the house and put up Christmas stuff, the tree and the outside lights. We ate an early dinner and watched a movie. Fun night in.

Sunday I stayed home and worked on more Christmas decorating and Brent worked on his Mustang. For dinner everyone met a Brent's dads house for tacos. We ate way to much and stayed way to late but had so much fun.

Then it was back to work Monday!

Brent's birthday is Thursday so we have another fun weekend ahead of us! SO loving this time of year!

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