Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Wearing Wednesday!

I have NO intention on doing this every week but since I've been taking pictures of my outfits so much lately (I have no idea why?) and I've always wanted to link up with the Pleated Poppy I thought what will it hurt :)

Last week out to dinner with a friend.

My walking attire, I'm proud to say I have been walking for a week now and am so so happy to have that outlet again!

Heading out the door for work today, Brent took this picture and I felt like a big ol dork! I'll have to work with him on his angle or just teach Luke to take em :)
Best part of this picture is those curls! Wowza!

Close up of my new scarf, I love love it! So pretty!

Thats all I got maybe soon I'll have some more, check out the Pleated Poppy for way more fashionable mommas ;)


Bobbie said...

That is a cute scarf and I have troule with others taking my picture too! Its hard to get an outfit of the day shot!

Tonia Hobbs said...

You look great!