Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

Seems like lots going on but nothing to share! ha! I guess there's just nothing to exciting.....

  • My sweet little brown dog has been right by my side lately, I guess he can tell I am hurting and wants to be close. He really has become such a good dog. This week Lucas was saying "come on buddy" and they would run around the house it was just the cutest thing.Brent said if we go to Arizona we will have to find a new home for Cooper and Chip to make things easier but I honestly doubt I'd be able to do that.....

  • O my word this boy! He had us cracking up last night, he comes out with his razorback hat on in his underwear with his marshmallow shooter saying "I'm a bad guy!" Makes me laugh that he thinks all bad guys wear hats. Then Brent really got him going with the cobra tattoo. So funny!!

  • Enjoyed some wine last week, I think I finally found the ticket to sleeping when Brent is gone a little wine and I am out like a light!

  • Also while Brent was gone Luke slept in momma's bed. Yes he is spoiled and yes I love it :)

  • Went to eat at Cheadder's with some family Saturday night, we had fun and ate good!

Other things going on.

  • I had my first of (maybe?) many doctors appointments regarding this miscarriage stuff. My doctor was not concerned in the least bit, which is so nice to hear, and she doesn't want to do a bunch of tests she said Luke is the best test of all. I can and will have more healthy beautiful babies she said this just maybe a rough time for my body for some reason. She did want to get an x-ray of my uterus, I go in for that Tuesday. I'm toying with the idea of a blood test to show if my hormones are where they are supposed to be but she thinks that will be a waste of time so I don't know. I still think time will be my best bet for future pregnancies so that is what we want more than anything. I am learning SO much though all this: medical stuff, life stuff, me stuff, people stuff that I know I will be grateful for one day but that still doesn't mean it isn't hard. 

  • Even though this is the hardest season of my life I am happy. Not always positive but truly deeply happy. I have said it once and I'll say it again if Lucas is our one and only little I will be just fine, Brent told me the other night he feels the same way, which was oddly nice to hear. He told me to never think I've failed him if we end up being a family of 3, we are blessed. I will never be able to explain how much this year has strengthened our marriage, we are in a place I'd only dreamed of. I may be hurting but I am still so much in love with my life :)

  • We are doing family pictures this weekend and I have no clue what any of us will wear yet!

  • I went and voted on Tuesday! I've never voted before, in my defense I've only been able to for these last two elections. It was kinda neat voting I felt happy to participate and even though I don't get riled up about those things it's still something I'm glad I did.

  • I am very happy for a park date with a dear friend this afternoon. It is so comforting to talk with someone in the same season of life.
That's it! I'm thrilled for my low key three day weekend ahead!

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