Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Monday!

I took the summer off from cooking that is no secret but with the fall season and my new kitchen I am so excited to get in the groove again!

My plan is to get everything planned out and written down on Friday. Recipes of what we are having on which days and my grocery list. Then Sunday I will try and do my grocery shopping but it may have to be done on Monday that will just depend on the week.

Every Monday I will post what we are having for the week.

Sounds fun right?! Ha!

I am also going to try and do healthier meals, I don't want to do 'diet' food but do want to try and cut fat where I can and incorporate much more veggies but still do things that Luke will eat. With the holidays coming up we will have our fair share of junk food so if I can keep our day to day better I want to. Also I want to try at least one crock pot recipe a week and one new recipe a week. And Mondays I want to dedicate 'meatless'.

Ok here it goes......

Monday - Margarita Pizza w/ salad
Tuesday - Turkey Chili w/ lotsa veggies
Wednesday - Pork Loin in the crock pot w/ broccoli
Thursday - Fajitas
Friday - Pepperoni Pasta

Saturday we most likely always have plans to eat else where and sometimes Fridays too. So if we don't eat at home on Friday I will move that meal to Sunday. I'm leaving the weekends very flexible especially around this time of year :)

So thats it! Wish me luck ;)

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