Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

  • I have SO much to be thankful for this time of year, today the Dr. called me and my test I had done on Monday came back normal! I was so relieved to hear that news. I hoping to get in to do a hormone test soon so we will see how that turns out. IF that turns out normal then that will be all the testing I want to do right now.

  • I haven't worn any 'real' pants in weeks, months maybe. I wear leggings almost every day except when I'm at home then I wear jammie pants ;) I honestly can't even stand the thought of putting jeans on anymore.....

  • We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for my side of the fam. I am pretty excited! Brent and I are doing most of the cooking ourselves with a few sides being brought to fill in and I am setting a 'real' table, cloth napkins and all! I just love having family over and feeding people.

  • How strange that my last 2 statements had real in parentheses! ha!

  • Brent and I went on our date Saturday. We didn't get to go to NWA because we thought Brent was going to have to work so he drove to the location (3 hours away!) and they canceled the job so needless to we didn't get started to early. Luckily Luke's pawpa still was able to watch him so we went to eat and then to see the last Twilight movie. So good! That was the only book of the saga I didn't read so surprised was an understatement! I sure will miss those movies though.        
My outfit for the night, loving this floral scarf!        

  • We decided we would start the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year! 'Santa' dropped him on the door step on Sunday so when Lucas woke up from his nap he got him. He named him Chippy of course :)

He was so excited to have his own 'Elf on the Show' his words not mine! ha!

Here is is with Chippy!

Chippy is a welcomed member to our family Lucas has been nothing short of an angel since his arrival and if he starts getting whinny I just have to remind him who is watching ;)

  • Got my new Tano on Friday!! I've been waiting on her since September and she is so pretty! I absolutely love these bags and haven't carried anything else in years! My last one I've had for over a year and she still looks so good, they wear so well and are a dream to carry!  So happy Christmas, Valentines, and birthday to me ;)

  • Speaking of, Brent's birthday is in 9 days!!!! I pretty much know what I'm going to get him and what cake he is getting so I feel ahead of the game for once this year!

  • I have been eating horrible lately! Maybe it's the time of year but I'm not necessarily eating 'holiday' food just lots of bad things. I've had 3 cheeseburgers in 4 days that is nuts!! But I am keeping up with my walking so that might be my only saving grace of these holidays :/

  • I won't be getting out for black Friday this year, well I never do! ha!

  • We are thinking of doing a Disney cruise this coming year instead of going to one on the theme parks...... still in discussion but I think we are leaning towards doing that. I've been reading a ton of info about it and can't help but to get so excited! I'm honestly not sure who will have more fun me or Lucas! ha!

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