Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • We had the best time with Lucas last night on Halloween! He is so much fun right now it just amazes me. We went and trick or treated some of our neighbors before dark but spent most of the night handing out candy. Lucas had so much fun talking to all the kids and seeing the costumes. I'll have a full Halloween post up tomorrow I hope....

  • Brent was offered a job last week. It would mean we would have to relocate to Arizona, it's something he has always considered doing but after much thought we think we have decided against going. There's many reasons for our decision but the biggest is he would be on the road more than he would be home and that's just not what we want right now. It was hard to turn it down but I am still so proud of him for getting that chance and I have a feeling this won't be his last :)

  • Wearing another Pintrest inspired outfit today! Yay! I can't believe how good I have been with following through on my pins lately. Ha! This is just a simple black tunic and black leggings with grey boots but the scarf makes it! I learned how to turn a regular ol scarf into an infinity scarf! So much fun!

  • Another thing I straightened my hair today to see just how long it really is, O my word! I have officially got it back to where it was when I cut it all off after I had Luke, I am a happy girl! Love love long hair.

  • It was pajama day at school, and he cracks me up!!

  • I can't believe it is Nov 1st! I am so ready for a new month and for all the Christmas festivities to begin! I've convinced Brent to let me put the tree up early so I'm gonna do that the next weekend! I got Luke an elf on the shelf and "Santa" will drop him off soon, but I'm going to go ahead and give him the elf on the shelf movie today so he can know the 'rules' of the elf :)

  • I am having a much needed girls night out with my bff tonight! Can.Not.Wait!!

  • We are going to the racetrack this weekend if it doesn't rain, they will do a costume contest and Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday it's always lots of fun!

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