Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Weekend!

We had a fun long weekend :)

Friday night we went to eat dinner at Outback and then to the mall for Luke to get a hair cut. He loves getting his hair 'done' he lets those ladies do what ever they want because he knows if he is good he'll get candy! Here he is with his new do and his candy. After that we looked for Brent a shirt for pictures. Fun fun night with my boys!

Saturday Luke and I got up early and went on our walk, Desiree and I are up to 4 miles and we've been going a ton!
After walking we ate lunch then 'attempted' family pictures, eh the sun was so bright and the wind was awful we didn't know if we got any good shots but here are a few that I like.

We promised Luke if he took good pictures he could play on the the playground he knows that means lots of dirt so he made sure to load up his trucks before we left. This picture is just priceless to me, I laughed when I saw him but it's just perfect :)

After pictures and the playground, Brent got the bright idea to go to the hardware store and bring some dirt home with us so Luke could play in more dirt at home. One part of me wants to be mad because I'll be the one cleaning up said dirt from floors and shoes and clothes but I can't help but love that he wants to do stuff like that for Lucas. Lucas is so blessed with a good daddy, I am so proud.
After an afternoon of dirt playing we went to eat at a little mexican restaurant in town called Las Americas, SO good! I really loved it. Then we went home and I made a grocery list and did all my food shopping at 7:30 on a Saturday night, I really felt like a mom. ha!

The rest of the night Brent and I spent catching up with the DVR and eating cupcakes. While Luke had an early bedtime. Perfection.

Sunday I went walking again and then came home and cleaned house and did laundry all. day. long.
We had some family over for dinner and I got out my 'good' plates, so fun! Lucas got to play late into the night and we all just hung out and watched the last NHRA race.

Monday Brent had to go back to work but I was off so I kept Luke home from school and we had such a fun day! We went to Kohl's, then lunch at Panera, then to the mall real quick and went to a movie. Our first 3D movie to be exact because I got the times wrong! We saw Wreck it Ralph and it was very good, we both really liked it.

Before leaving the house, he looks so big!

Lunch at Panera always includes a cookie.

After the movie we went to the walking trail for our 4 miles! Then home for dinner and bath and getting ready for the week!

That's it! So grateful for a slow weekend.

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