Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

  • I don't have many pictures from the week, shame shame.

  • Tuesday I had my 'procedure' done where they x-rayed my uterus. It was not fun but I am glad I did it and glad it's over! The radiologist said everything looked perfect! That made it worth it! Of course my doctor will still look it over and I'll see what she says and what we need to do next.

  • We are still thinking and talking about moving to Arizona. We kinda thought we wouldn't go a few weeks ago but it might just be to hard to turn down. Of course we have to get many details worked out and thought through. It excites me but terrifies me in the same moment. But at the end of the day we will do what is best for our family.

  • I have been walking 4 miles three or four days as week these past few weeks! Going with a friend makes it so much more do-able and I am TWO pounds from my goal weight that I set at the beginning of the year!!! I've tried to make better eating choices too but I have not been strict on myself with that part, exercise really does help!

  • Saturday Brent and I are going on a date! I'm very excited I think he was going surprise me but accidentally let it out. ha! He's taking me to Northwest Ar to my favorite place, On the Boarder. We're taking the Mustang and that will be so much fun too, can't wait to see all the pretty fall colors and spend some uninterrupted time with him.  I sure do love him, he is so good sometimes :)

  • I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!! Wow this year has flown! I will be so happy to start a new year though.

  • I had Luke's parent/teacher conference yesterday, and he is doing SO good! He knows so much it amazes me. His teacher had nothing but good things to say about him. This has been a hard year for Lucas at school, he has had to learn what is expected of him at school and he is learning many new life skills such as communication with friends and problem solving. I think he was almost to young to start all this when he did but he has proved he can keep up with the older kids. We are so proud of him

  • I still feel like I am in a hard 'season' but my gosh I have so much to be thankful for and happy about. God has truly blessed me beyond measure and even though I can get sad I still want to praise him for his blessings.

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