Monday, August 15, 2011

Anniversary Weekend!

Hello There!

I had an amazing week off work with my little man (and big man:) I will post much more on that later.

First I wanted to do our anniversary weekend post before I really forgot what we did! Ha!

Friday night (Aug 5th) Brent got home from Conway where he had been most of the week and we had dinner with my family, it was yummy and I always enjoy spending time with them!

Saturday we got up early to wait on the Cox man, of course he didn't come until 30 minutes after his latest allowed time, figures. We decided on two DVR's instead of doing the whole home DVR. Thank goodness Brent was home to figure all that out! ha!

Before the Cox man got here Brent insisted on making the bed, so he made it and I had to laugh about that. We never make our bed and I thought it was funny he wanted to make it for a total stranger.

I think I facebooked this picture but here is Lucas un-making daddy's bed (still no headboard as you can see ;)

Once all the cable stuff was taken care of we loaded up and headed to town! We have been wanting to change out the celling fans in our house since we moved in but never had the time then we never had the extra money. We decided it was time and thought they could be our anniversary gift along with our new bedding (cotton is the 2nd year gift).

We went for lunch at Schlotzsky's then went to visit Brent's grandma who is still in the hospital. Our last stop was Home Depot we found two we liked, on for the living room, one for our bedroom but we couldn't find one for Luke's room, we decided to look online.

Sunday we spent our day putting up new fans and putting in a new door knob!

Here is our living room fan before

And this is the after! Much better! I HATE that oldy goldy that is everywhere in our house! But we are taking care of it one by one!Ha!

Here is our bedroom fan before ( I forgot to take a picture before Brent took the blades off)

And here is the after! I cannot tell you how happy I am with how our room is turning out! I am just in love!

And last but not least we are going to change our our door knobs one at a time, every week I am going to change one out so it doesn't seem like such a huge chunk, these puppies are not cheap I'll tell ya!

Here is the before. Gold! Ugh!

And the after! Ahh such a breath of fresh air!

One more with my rag wreath! Ha!

A very low key anniversary, this one. But I loved it! I wouldn't choose to spend it any other way, we were together doing something we love and that's all that matters to me!

My mom got us a gift card to Joe's Pasta so we will be going on a "date" soon! Yippie!

And for the record I still cannot believe I have been married for 2 years already! Wow.

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