Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No-Spend September!

I am going to give myself a HUGE challenge starting September 1st! I have thought about this for a while now and I think next month is a good month to do it!

For an entire month I will not spend any money on un-necessary things! So that means no new clothes, no new hair products, no new books, no new toys for Luke, no craft supplies, nadda, nothing!
I am going to set aside some money for the Growing Kids Sale that will be here in September to get Lucas some clothes but I am only going in with a certain amount and cannot go over that!

Here's the thing we don't NEED anything, and since Brent went back to a steady income I have been spending money like a mad woman, Brent calls it "spoiling ourselves because we haven't got to in a long time", I call it crazy! I'd just like to see for a month how much I can put into savings if I didn't spend a little here and a little there on non-sense!

I will continue to give myself my "pocket money" but for food ONLY! And what ever I have left a the end of the week goes into savings!

To hold myself accountable I will post each week and tell where I am at with this! Might tie it in with my "Thursday Tidbits"

So wish me luck and if you would like to join me let me know so we can comfort each other when all the super cute new fall lines come out!! O dear, is it to late to change my mind ;)


Jessica S. said...

great idea!! you can do it!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

That's a great idea! I'd like to try it myself!

Brooke A. said...

That's a really good idea!! I think I might try it too! :)