Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Party Weekend!

Saturday we went to Carter's 3rd birthday party and it was great!! They rented out the church gym which has basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, big yoga balls, a game room, and a party room! They also had a bounce around for the kids! Lucas and Brent had a lot of fun playing basketball!

I have never seen Brent play basketball like that it before it was fun!

Lucas had to "shoot it" a few times!

Lucas in the bounce around!

Monster truck volcano cake that Liz and her mom and sister made! They did such a good job!

yummy home made cupcakes!

Birthday Boy blowing out the candles!

Lucas waiting on his cake and ice cream.

We had a lot of fun and went home after getting some dinner for the night the boys were exhausted! ha!

I am so glad I have been able to get to know Carter and his family, they are so sweet.

Sunday I got up and went to mom's house to clean out my new to me dresser and get it loaded up!

I found these crayons inside it, my Mema was notorious for hiding stuff from us kids! I have been helping mom go though some of her things for a few weekends now and I am always finding old toys and things. She was always so worried we would write on the walls with crayons, markers, and paint and always afraid we would break something with bats, balls, and other stuff. It's so funny now that I think about it.
Needless to say I kept the crayons :)

Sunday night Ethan and his family came over for dinner! We cooked cheese burgers on the grill it was a lot of fun! The boys definitely had a blast!

Lucas all snuggled in Monday before I had to wake him up for school, I just had to take a picture of this bedhead!

He is so sweet and in the evenings when I'm watching t.v. and he is ready for bed he will say "Mommy I wanna snuggle" it melts my heart! He is so rambunctious and "all boy" doing crazy stuff during the day but he loves us so much and is so sweet at night. I tell him " Your so sweet Lucas" and he tells me back "Your so sweet Mommy" ah I die!


This isn't necessarily weekend stuff but yesterday Lucas, Chloe, and I were outside playing in the yard, we haven't really had a chance to play outside lately with 110+ heat but I decided you know what we are not going to watch t.v. this afternoon. And what do you know, Chloe found ANOTHER snake! I couldn't believe it! I was on the phone with Cox about our new DVR (whoop whoop!) and I tell Lucas to gather his cars we are going inside, of course he didn't want to so I had to put my "do what I tell you right now mommy face on" I yell at Chloe to get in the house and get the Cox lady off the phone (mind you she was trying to sell me something else, why do they do that!?). We all get up the deck and by the door and a bee starts attacking us!! Now I know to most people this sounds crazy but I am way more scared of bees and stinging bugs than I'll ever be afraid of a snake so at this point I loose it! I am almost in tears and now Lucas is upset. But I get Chloe to stop snapping at the bee and we all get in the house (without Luke's cars)! I tell Lucas we are not going out there anymore until fall! He said "Ok" in his little scared voice, ha!

After all that I send my friend this text. Ha! I guess we are going to have a few more t.v. days ahead of us because it so hot here and I can deal with the heat but I can't deal with critters AND the heat!

Tonight I have my board meeting that I love to go to and Lucas is going over to his mema's so they will have a lot of fun :)

Have a great week everyone!

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Jessica S. said...

awwww! I love that he likes to snuggle!!! and the "youre so sweet mommy" part!!! how CUTE