Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurting Hearts.

We have had quite the heartache around my neck of the woods lately. Some of this post is going to be from months ago that I just haven't felt like talking about. I LOVE to talk about happy stuff on here but sometimes life is just sad and hard and I for one need to get better at accepting that instead of ignoring it.

In February we lost my Grandmother, my Mema S. the grandmother that lived with us for many many years and took care of my brother and I as a 2nd mom. We stayed with her after school and during summers, she made our dinners and did our laundry, did all the house work, and taught me so much about life. My mom worked full time and my Mema loved doing that stuff so it all worked out well. We miss her so badly, she was my best friend when I was growing up, she meant the world to me.
After about 3 years of cancer, surgeries, lots of chemo treatments, and in and out of rehabilitation clinics she had fought for so long and I think she knew it was her time. It was the day after Valentine's Day.

Then this Sunday we lost Brent's Grandmother, his Mamaw. She had just been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks earlier. But not 5 weeks ago she was babysitting Lucas for me, which is no easy task! It all happened so fast with Mamaw. We are still not over the shock of it all. We will miss her so badly. She loved her family more than anything and it showed.
I feel like the "backbones" of both Brent's and my families are gone, if that makes since. The ones that made everyone come together.

This Thursday is Mamaw's funeral, it's going to be hard for everyone. I am just so thankful we have the little ones to keep us smiling.
Please pray for us as we take on this new season of our lives.

Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5


Jessica S. said...

Praying for ya'll and what a great verse to live by during these hard times.

Brooke A. said...

I'm so sorry for both of your losses!! We are keeping your whole family in our thoughts and prayers! I know all too well the heartache of loosing 'the back bone' of my family when my Papa passed away, but YOU are 'the back bone' to more people in your life than you know. :)
I loved how Kristin said, Mamaw is probably getting a tour of Heaven from her love :) ......and
I love the verse you chose from Psalms!!!! Praying for peace,understanding, and comfort during this difficult time!!
Love, Brooke