Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My StayCation

I had such a good time staying home with Lucas last week!
It was so So hard to come back to work yesterday! I had just an awful day yesterday, it was truly a miracle I was able to post something, but I didn't want to forget more than I already had about our anniversary by putting it off.
Luke's first day of "school" was yesterday, during the summer they don't do much "teaching" but during the school year they kick it into high gear! We also had to get up and leave the house earlier than we had during the last few months to get there in time because it was everyone else's first day of school in our town! I was exhausted before we even left the house! Then I had to catch up on everything on my desk at work! Whew, I had a huge headache by 11 am and it stayed with me throughout the day. Awful!
But I got home and relaxed, Brent got home pretty early and we ordered pizza and ate ice cream cones one the deck so it went from a horrible day to a perfect day :) I love when that happens!

Note to self: NEVER try and go into the first day of school/ back at work without a coffee!

So today I started my day off with one of these to insure a good day at work, so far so good!!

Anyways back to my week last week....

Brent started his week in Conway on Monday morning, sigh I miss him so much sometimes. So it was just Luke and I for 3 days straight! I am not going to lie sometimes it was HARD! I love being with my little buddy but I do believe Monday he was seeing how far he could push this whole mommy being with me all day thing. But we made the best of it!

Outside looking at "that moon" with is two suckers (yes I do pick my battles;)

Playing in his room!

Monday we just hung around the house, I honestly don't remember doing anything much.

Tuesday we got up early and went for an oil change which turned into needing a new battery and over $100 and almost an hour later we were on our way to town! I say with a hint of sarcasm, if you couldn't tell! Ha!
I had a few papers to drop off at work so Luke got to my office, he loved it and all the girls loved seeing him. We also met Mema for lunch and that was fun. On our way home we stopped by to see Miss Eviee, I held her for hours! I could hold her all day I think, she is so sweet and tiny! She is still smaller than Lucas ever was! So crazy to me! Lucas was pretty good we only had two incidents where he was trying to "help" and helped a little to hard, but he wasn't jealous at all that I was holding her that long so that made me pretty excited!
After seeing Eviee we went home to get Lucas ready to go to Mema's while I went to his back to school orientation. It was fun getting to meet his new teacher and see how she decorated his new classroom, we will defiantly miss his other teachers but he already loves Ms. Kristen!

Sweet big boy!

Wednesday we hung around the house it was really stormy that day so we went to Wal-Mart early and stayed inside the rest of the day! Ethan and Olivia came over to play in the afternoon and just before they got there daddy made it home so we were excited! Brent took a nap while the kids played and us girls caught up on things! I love getting together with them and chatting and eating yummy food ;)
After they left we had dinner and played!

Thursday I don't remember doing anything special, Brent was in and out during the day and we ate lunch together and spent time with him! I will have to say being at home all day it is so much easier when he was home in the evenings and Lucas got a change of scenery! I went to Wal-Mart that night and got some goodies for our trip the next day!

Friday morning we got up bright and early, picked Mema up and headed to the Tulsa Aquarium! It was two hour drive but Lucas did SO good!

Lucas LOVED it! He was so excited when we got there and loved looking at all the animals!

Lots of "Nemos" to look at!

He insisted I take his picture with this fish ( the one right behind him, ha!)

I love these fish! They were huge much bigger than the ones in the pet stores!

I was kinda sad I forgot my "real" camera but the trusty iPhone didn't let me down.

Having a snack at the aquarium!

We stayed until about 3 (we were trying to hold out for the otter feeding) then Lucas had a meltdown and I could tell we better be on our way!

We headed home without eating lunch because Lucas was sleeping so hard, he was wore out! But mom and I went on an adventure down the old highway home, I thought she was taking me out to the boonies!! But we had fun and got home around 5 just when daddy did! We ate a "funny" dinner as Brent calls it, just a bunch of stuff that doesn't go together! Haha! and called it a night.

Saturday we stayed home and Brent put up Luke's new fan! Then went to town to Best Buy to get me a GPS for all my future outings! Loving this thing! We also went to Hob Lob then to Chick Fil a and to the hospital to visit Mamaw!

Luke's before fan, gold again, surprise surprise!

New fan!

It goes perfect with his Razorback room! He loves it and was so excited! The blades look blue in the picture but they are black.

Sunday I cleaned out my craft room and we organized the garage! I am selling stuff on CraigsList and I donated a bunch too! I am so sick of all the junk!! Plus we had to make room for Brent's new car when that time comes :/ ha!

I had a blast getting to spend some much needed time at home! I can't wait to do it again at Christmas time ;)

Crossing my fingers I can turn it into my full time job one day.... we will see!

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Jessica S. said...

Great Post!!! i love reading about every day you stayed at home! sounds so fun! and the "funny dinner" thing cracks me up! haha