Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Snapshots!

Chloe after getting a bath and a hair cut on Thursday! She is such a sweet dog and I love her to pieces! She is 6 years old now and I can't believe it! She was my very first "baby" and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Funny story:

Lucas and I went to drop Chloe off yesterday at a new groomers up the road from us that is also the vet we have been taking Chip and Chloe to. We get there get Chloe out and Lucas HAS to hold her leash when we are walking somewhere with her. We go in and the ladies are talking to Lucas telling him that Chloe is going to get a bath and a hair cut and that she will be OK they are going to take care of her. He was a little sad about leaving her there.
We are walking out and he starts crying saying "My Chloes" O. my. word. it was so sad but so cute I didn't know weather to laugh or cry. But we made it to school and he got to tell everyone that Chloe is getting a hair cut so he thought that was fun. He also went with me to pick her up after school and was so happy to see her and her bow.

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