Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Before and After Bedroom Dresser

I'm going to do a weekend post too, I just couldn't muster the energy yesterday, Brent was outta town and it was just one of those days.....

But this weekend I switched out dressers in my bedroom to go along with the rest of the room redo! One new thing gets me going on all kinds of other stuff in the room!

This is the before! My old white dresser I bought when I first moved out of my mom's house don't let the cute dog and candle throw you off ;) It was definitely to short!

Here is the after!

Much better don't ya think? I may or may not be changing out the pulls I really haven't decided yet. You may have noticed the mirror on the floor, I took it off the stand (as you can see in the first picture) I think I am going to paint the frame white and hang it next to the dresser, kinda different but that's how I roll :)

This was my grandma's old dresser and I am so happy to have it!

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Jana said...

I love furniture with a story. :0) That mirror will look awesome with a white frame too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is super cute.
~Jana @Project:Possible