Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

*Note this is very random! And I'm going to try and do these once a week.

  • First I have to say that I only have a day and half left and I am officially off work for the next week! I am so excited! Luke and I are going to have so much fun! I have a bunch of stuff planned and we are also going to Tulsa to go to the aquarium on Friday!

  • Brent is selling his truck and getting a Mustang like this one (I think I got the year model right) anyway, I am pretty excited I was kinda bummed when we sold our last one. Lucas is going to love it! His favorite cars right now are Mustangs and VW bugs he can name both of them in most year models!

  • I was looking at old pictures last night of myself just a year ago and I am so happy with how much my hair has grown out!! You see I had a lapse in good judgement and went with a short "stylish" do a couple months after Lucas was born and that was a bad bad deal! I'm just not "stylish" enough to pull that off. I much prefer my hair in a long side braid or messy bun. I am thrilled to be getting close to wearing my braid again much to my hubby's dismay ;)

  • Last night I felt like I ran into my first "parental judgement situation", it was not fun and my feelings were kinda hurt. I will not be judging any other mommy's in the future. I think we all need to realize kids are all different and they have good days and bad days and we shouldn't look down on a parent because a child is misbehaving or being a little hyper, this is mostly for me to remember.

  • Brent's job is going very well (well he may say differently Ha!) I think it has been a great change at our house. Yes it gets hard sometimes when he is gone but all in all it is going great! We do think his impending trip to Pennsylvania is coming up and he will be gone for a month. And while I will be heartbroken and worried most of the time he is gone, I am kinda excited to go up there for a visit! I've never been past Colorado so something new to experience!

  • Speaking of Brent's job, so often now when I tell people about Brent's job and that he is out of town and yadda yadda they will say something along the lines of "How awful" or " I don't know how you deal with that" and it really hurts my feelings.

  • I got my new Anthropologie dress in yesterday! I couldn't wait to wear it today!! It fits perfectly!

  • Brent's mamaw is in the hospital and not doing too good, she has cancer and doing radiation treatment. We are praying she starts to feel better soon. With Brent's mom already so sick and now Mamaw, it's going to be very tough.

  • I love reading and writing these random posts!

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Jessica S. said...

I love this post!! definately going to start looking forward to them!!! =)