Friday, August 5, 2011

Framed Art!

Lucas brings home a ton of pictures from school, I love them all of course but have to choose the ones to put up! I do have some on the fridge but I loved this idea for my laundry room!

I just spray painted some old frames I had, I wanted a fun color! I love this blue!

Hung up the frames with a couple of nails.

Then hung the clips with some nails also. I think it's pretty cute! Now I can fame some of Luke's art work and change them out often!

This project cost me a total of $2 for the clips! I had the frames and the spay paint! Yay! Go me!

I more than likely will not be blogging next week, I am going to spend my days with Lucas, visiting friends, being lazy, going on a trip, eating good, and having fun!

Have a great weekend!

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Jessica S. said...

HOW CUTE!!! looooooooove that! love love love it