Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • There obviously hasn't been much on my mind this week besides Mamaw, I just can't get over the thought that I won't see her again. My heart is broken but time heals all wounds and time is what we all need right now.

  • We are considering getting Luke a puppy for his birthday in February, he will turn 3 and I think it's a good time. We have been so wishy washy on the getting another dog thing so I can't say for certain but this gives us lots of time to research pups :)

  • I am getting excited about my "No-Spend September" kind of wishing I would've called it "Saving in September" but O well, I had a hand full of people say they want to try it too so that is exciting!! I hope we can all keep each other on track!

  • I ordered "The Help" and "5 Love Languages" and I cannot wait to read them! I want to read The Help before I see the movie.

  • Ugh I cannot wait to get my planner but when I check my order status it STILL says "pending" I ordered over a week ago and my card has already been charged. They said it would ship by the 30th and I am going to hold them to it ;)

  • Isn't it amazing how kids keep you smiling even on the hardest days.

  • Today is going to be a very tough day, when Brent is upset I loose it, so I am going to do my best to hold things together for him.

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Brooke A. said...

Thinking of you guys today!! Keeping you ALL in my prayers!!!

Keep your chin up and heart open and you'll hear and feel her on this very sad, but special day.

I'm wanting to start reading "The Help" also, so let me know when you start. I'll have someone to chat with about it :)